Location: Island of Java

Danger Level: Low


ahoolNamed for its distinctive call A-hool (other sources render it ahOOOooool), it is said to live in the deepest rainforests of Java. It is described as having a monkey/ape-like head with large dark eyes, large claws on its forearms (approximately the size of an infant), and a body covered in gray fur. Possibly the most intriguing and astounding feature, is that it is said to have a wingspan of 3 meters (10 feet). This is almost twice as long as the largest known bat in the world, the common Flying Fox. According to Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark, it was first described by Dr. Ernest Bartels, who published regular accounts of his work while exploring the Salak Mountains on the island of Java. At first glance, it gives the impression of a mammal. Observer error, due to the circumstances of being dive-bombed in a remote gloomy forest by a fierce snarling and clawing creature, may well account for the apparent discrepancies

No recorded sightings on record.