hands praying

How Does Mystical Universe Send Prayer?

Mystical Universe doesn’t send prayer. We receive prayers that are sent, but we have no idea who sent them, or where they were sent from. Our therapeutic prayer service simply provides people with a way to take physical action for therapeutic purposes.

What Can I Send A Prayer About?

Send prayers for anything. Send prayers for animals, crops, homes and businesses. Send prayers about need, desire, gratitude and safety. Whatever you feel the need to pray for, send your prayer.

Why Should I Send My Prayer?

Because while silent internal personal prayers are powerful, when physically manifested by writing and sending them, prayers become ‘Super-Prayers’. That’s why prayer therapy works.

Who Can I Send Prayer To?

People using our service can direct their prayer however and to whoever they choose. We merely provide a method of prayer therapy for them to combine physical action with spiritual action.

How Long Does It Take For My Prayer To Be Sent?

Prayers are sent instantly.

How Many Prayers Can I Send Per Day?

There are no limits on the number of prayers that you can send in a day. Send one or send a thousand. 🙂

How Long Of A Prayer Can I Send?

There is no limit to the length of prayers.

Does Your Service Improve The Chance Of Prayer Being Answered?

No. The purpose of our service is not to grant wishes. Our service is strictly prayer therapy that’s proven to work when used as intended.