Mystical Universe is dedicated to the mysteries of this world, and those beyond.

We have assembled facts, speculations, explanations and theories for bizarre phenomena, and provide a public way for people to share their stories and experiences. We have an ever expanding database of sightings of UFOs and alien abductions, paranormal events/experiences, and creature sightings.

Mystical Universe allows you to easily learn about all areas of the Paranormal, such as Ghosts, Spiritual Entities, Dark Energy, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP’s), Clairvoyance, Dermo-Optic Perception, Energy Work, Human Aura, Hypnosis, Mediums (Mystics, Prophets and Prophecies), Near Death Experience (astral projection), Psychokinesis, Psychometry, Radiesthesia, Spiritual Healing, Spirit Writing, Telepathy and much more.

Mystical Universe is an awesome resource for information about cryptids (creatures), and is constantly expanding its cryptid database. Our goal is to be one of the most complete cryptid resources available online, and we always welcome contributions.

Mystical Universe is an excellent UFO, Paranormal and Cryptid online resource, and we encourage you to help it grow by contributing to its knowledge base, and by reporting your sighting(s) or experience(s). You can choose to be contacted by an investigator, or you can remain entirely anonymous.

Mystical Universe makes no claim of accuracy, authenticity or validity of the information within this site. Mystical Universe is a repository of user submitted information and reports, which are provided for general use and reference only.

Mystical Universe Is Dedicated To These Awesome People.

jackJack, whose profession of driving eighteen wheelers led to his first sighting, and motivated him to build Mystical Universe. The site began to quickly grow, and he realized that he was unable to give the site the time and attention that it really deserved. He decided to turned over to Nancy Mahoney, who had been a keen contributor, and an good friend. After Nancy took over, no one heard ever heard from Jack again. It was rumored that he had vanished into the Arizona desert, never to be seen again. Jack has recently contacted us, he’s healthy and happy in Las Vegas, and we were pleased to hear from him.

nancyNancy contributed more than twenty years of her life to the collection and publication of the reports within this website. Her tireless efforts helped thousands of people to have their UFO, Paranormal or Creature experience to be heard. Unfortunately, Nancy was diagnosed with cancer and sadly lost her battle. Before she passed, she handed control of Mystical Universe to another huge contributor, and an amazingly good investigator, Brad Mildern.

bradBrad kept the site going and growing for many more years, until he finally reached a point in life where he wanted to do more detailed UFO and paranormal research and investigation in the field. His tireless efforts kept Mystical Universe from disappearing. Brad turned the website to the current owners in 2010, and now we proudly carry on, and build upon, all the hard work of those amazing people who preceded us.

mikeMike used to be a Staff Writer and Researcher here at Mystical Universe, and a proud member of FDNY… Fire Department, New York. He was one of the brave and heroic firefighters who was part of 9-11. In the following links, you will read an honest, detailed saga of what Mike experienced those first few days after the attack, as well as well wishes from Mystical Universe friends. Special Report – Dispatch From Ground Zero By Mike Reactions & Well Wishes